Toddler hit by LDV

Video: 23 June 2016 By Joe Dreyer

Horrifying footage of a toddler hit by a vehicle in a busy street in Tzaneen. It is alleged that the little girl let go of her mom's hand as they were crossing the street.

WATCH: The Dark Secret

Video: 13 May 2016 By Joe Dreyer

Is this internet café in Tzaneen Crossing centre secretly acting as a front for an illegal gambling house right on the doorstep of the local SAPS offices? Have a look and decide for yourself.

A Day at the Races

Video: 03 May 2016 By Joe Dreyer

Fast cars, faster bikes and pretty pit girls made for the perfect combination to satisfy the pallet of the most hardened speed and sound fanatic at this year's Tzaneen Drags outside Politsi.

Death Valley

Video: 03 May 2016 By Joe Dreyer

What appeared to be a simple pothole in the middle of the R528 through George's Valley, turned out to be a sinkhole the size of a regular family sedan.

WATCH: The Lifeguards who can't swim

Video: 26 April 2016 By Joe Dreyer

The GTM has, in a bid to comply with legislation, embarked on a lifeguard training programme to enable the Municipal Swimming Bath to be open to the public. The problem though, is that neither of the four candidates posess the basic aquatic skill needed to save a person from drowning.