Alan Gordon and Carel van Wyk, also known as CP, from the Insect Science Mountain Bike (MTB) team, were the only South Africans to enter for Australia’s 25th edition of the Crocodile Trophy consisting of eight stages over eight days.

Even greater was the finish for the South Africans when Gordon, competing in the Elite Men division, claimed the outright victory amongst a host of Australian and other international MTB riders. Gordon finished the race with a time of 29:15:11,1.

Insect Science team mate, Van Wyk, who also competed in the Elite Men category, also had an impressive run and finished a credible ninth place. Van Wyk finished with a time 33:13:55,8.
Bulletin spoke to Gordon after his amazing feat Down Under.

“At the end of the third day I knew the next day was a big one with lots of climbs that suits me, so I knew it’s my chance to make time on my lead after the fourth stage. I knew then that I could win the race”, said Gordon.

“It was my first time competin in the Crocodile Trophy. The heat in the Outback was the most difficult part of the race and there is no shade to protect you from the sun. Also, there where some very steep climbs where everyone had to get off their bikes.  It’s probably one of the tougher races I encountered”, he said.

“I will see if I’ll go back next year, maybe I’ll go and do something else. The racing season is almost over for me. I have two one-day races left which is the Insect Science Classic and the 94.7 Road Race. I just like to ride and push myself. A race I would still like to do is the Breck Epic MTB Race in Colorado in the USA”, Gordon said.

“From hoping to get close to a podium finish to actually winning the race overall, I am very happy, this is my biggest win ever. Thanks to all who supported me, it meant and helped a lot. Now for some recovery and exploring Australia”, Gordon said on Facebook shortly after winning this epic race.

The Crocodile Trophy is Australia‘s and the world‘s oldest and most iconic mountain bike stage race. It’s called the holiday paradise that is the Tropical North Queensland home and its route from Cairns to Port Douglas is unique, every day is different. The eight days include lush rainforest trails, awesome single tracks in the bushland surrounds. The route took the riders through river crossings and the iconic Australian Outback to finish on the breathtaking Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.



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