Gentleman’s chivalry in rivalry

11 September 2018  Read: 102


It’s called the gentleman’s game. But when it comes to any sporting event which forces ages old rivalries out of the ditches, Christopher Hitchens said it best, “a gentleman is someone who is never rude by accident.” So when the Plasies met the Vossies in a league match last week, both teams knew that either one would have to hat-tip the other before the evening’s supper.

Because you see, Merensky High School’s first team knew that Ben Vors-ter High School’s first team knew that the Plasies could beat them. And they did.

After winning the toss in this league match, Ben Vorster decided to bat first and were all out for 63 runs in the 19th over. Kieran Albertus, Merensky’s best bowler, took four wickets in just six overs, conceding only 25 runs. Louis Botha also did excellent work and took three wickets in six overs, conceding 22 runs.
When the Plasies went out to bat, Ben Vorster seemed confident in the 31st over when Merensky had only a single wicket standing, but alas, Ruan van der Schyff hit a boundary, resulting in a gloriously celebrated win for the Plasies. Ben Vorster has surely chalked up the loss and will definitely be looking for retribution.

That reprisal came sooner than expected when during the u/15 match at Ben Vorster, the Vossies won convincingly.

On the Merensky side, Christian Barnard took two wickets in seven overs, conceding 29 runs. Batting buddies, Phillip Ludick and Ockert Schoeman, contributed 19 and 16 runs respectively. The Plasie boys have similarly noted the Vossie-victory and offered a hat-tip in acknowledgement of future redemption when the two neighbours again meet later in the season.



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