Jukado honour judokas

05 December 2017  Read: 861


Very few people understand the significance of any martial art, let alone the discipline it takes to excel in your chosen art form. Tzaneen’s very own Judo club, Jukado Judo Club, was established in 1968 by James Frank Steyn and has, for the past 47 years, been actively enhancing the lives of young judokas through its teachings. As is customary each year, the Jukado club hosts a prize giving ceremony to award their top judokas. The most prestigious trophy is the Fighting Cup’ which has been in the club since its inception. The first winner of this trophy was Rusty Steyn in 1971. This year the Fighting Cup was shared between two outstanding youngsters, Callie Buitendag and Levi Loughor-Clarke.



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