The Pfunanane runners can now rest

15 September 2017  Read: 106


The Pfunanane Cross Country team ended a super LLSV season at the LLSV Championships at Mariepskop on Saturday, winning 24 overall season-end medals. 

This ended a season that saw Pfunanane winning more than half of the total medals and nearly every team competition at every meeting, taking the gold in almost all of the categories, and often sweeping all three places. 

47 of their Athletes finished in the overall top-10 and were named to the LLSV team, not including their under-6 and under-14 groups, which also consistently won medals.

The long-distance powerhouse team also had a stellar LIMA season, winning 11 medals at the Limpopo Championships.  Fourteen of their athletes will be traveling to Potchefstroom this weekend for the South African Championships, after which they will take a well-deserved rest! 



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