Merensky meet Maggs

20 June 2017  Read: 372


Nampo has become somewhat of a tradition at Merensky High. Every year, the week of 15-17 May is set aside for the Grades 9-11 pupils to travel to Nampo Park in Bothaville. The Nampo Show is one of the largest privately organised, and owned exhibitions, in the world. It is also the largest show of agricultural machinery and livestock in the southern hemisphere, and is held annually in the Free State.

On the 16th of May, a full day was spent at Nampo Park where the group visited practical demonstrations of high-tech farming equipment, witnessed new technology in action and also attended an auction. The group had the opportunity to attend talks by experts in the agricultural sector including Bruce Whitfield, of the Moneyshow, Eusebius McKaiser of 702 Talk Radio and the ever controversial Jeremy Mags of Maggs on Media.

Before heading home, the group had the privilege of a hands-on tour through the world renowned Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital.




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