Laker-Ladies score 14 wins

12 April 2017  Read: 269


Treverton Preparatory school and College in Kwa-Zulu Natal hosted its annual Easter Sports Festival for the ninth time, last weekend. Stanford Lake College’s First team Netball girls were invited to attend this year’s instalment of the prestigious meet which was seen as both a chance to showcase the team’s dexterity on the court and to expose the players to some of the teams they would not usually have the opportunity to play against.

On the first day of the festival, the Stanfordian Ladies recorded an impressive 32-2 victory over the mighty Tyger Valley team which was followed by three more victories on the day. SLC penned a 27-8 win against Dainfern, 23-6 against Jabula and a closer 12-7 victory against the better prepared De La Salle to round of their opening performance.

Despite the girls having to run in between the Hockey field and Netball court to make it in time for their matches, they seemed to simply accelerate in their performances. One of their toughest matches was against Curro Hillcrest, who were unbeaten in the festival prior to their Stanford encounter which resulted in their first defeat when the scores reflected a 25-8 win for the Lakers.

Another tough match was against Springfield (Cape Town), whose girls towered over the Stanford players; however, this proved to be no barrier, and they finished with another victory 17-11.

In the end, the girls won all 14 of their matches convincingly. The team was led exceptionally well by Shikara Janke and every single player on the team did their job and contributed to the outstanding victories over the four days.  

If their victory run down-under is an indication of what lies ahead for the rest of the season, local netballers can be sure of a very tough 2017.



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