High security was organised for this event on Saturday when 750 people were expected to attend two hours of praise and song in Haenertsburg. The weather forecast was not good, rains were predicted and it did rain.

The alternative plan to use the Village Hall was then put in place. The headache initially was how to get 750 people inside the Hall that can only accommodate some 200 people at a squeeze. However, this all dissipated as the rain kept many people away and some 150 came to celebrate in an interdenominational environment with uplifting singing and music.

The 30-strong Martin Luther Kantorei, conducted by Ephraim Bashele from the Groblersdal area, was beautiful. Similar accolade goes to the Framus band consisted of singer Debbie Morris, Werner Bredenhann on drums, Jansen van der Walt on guitar and Mario Santa Rita on bass.

Ministers Jonathan Meintjies and Dirk Engelbrecht, amongst others, were present. It was a bringing together of communities, churches and organisations. Under Hans van Schalkwyk from HNW, locals John Wright and Emmual Human, logistics and security ran like clockwork. There were three drones in the sky, a helicopter on standby, canine security, two way radios for communication, Deon van Tonder from ER24 was on standby, the Haenertsburg Care Association was ready with wheelchairs and other apparatus in case of a situation, marshals were placed in strategic positions and the local SAPS was represented.

Everyone involved, except the car guards, were volunteers. This event paves the way for all other festivals in the area and forms the blueprint for the safety of future events. The joyful occasion ended with the South African National Anthem.



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