Jeff Jackson

The absurd belief in the mystical powers of Pangolin scales has led to yet another “protected” species of animal savagely killed. The price of Pangolin scales on the black market and especially as an export to Asia has led to this tiny animal landing on the endangered list along with the rhino.

The SAPS in Polokwane this week made a stunning arrest after they received a tip off from members of the community that two men were in possession of one of these animals and were planning a trip North possibly to meet with a buyer.

The detectives followed the suspects in their vehicles until they reached the fuelling station between Phalaborwa and Mica on the R40 road, where they cornered their vehicle and made the arrest. The animal was already dead when they found it in the suspects’ vehicle.

The two men both aged 40, were immediately arrested for the illegal possession of Pangolin and will appear in the Phalaborwa Magistrate’s court soon.


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