Water tank donated to local primary school

11 September 2018  Read: 166


Haenertsburg Primary School has a special place in the hearts of many locals as their children went to that school. It’s more than 130 years old. A dedicated staff educate and care for the many little children, most of them in hostel. One of the concerns for years has been insufficient water. There is enough to run the school but not enough to water the garden as well.

Local essential oil farmer and a member of the governing body, Julie McMahon, approached Haenertsburg Rotary for help. The Rotarians of Haenertsburg are a formidable mix of insightful, innovative, dedicated and community minded people.

 Rotary thus donated a water tank to the Haenertsburg Primary School. The tank holds 2500 litres of water. Julie’s son, Toban, oversaw and installed the tank with the water supply coming from a lengthy gutter. The tank filled up overnight when it rained shortly after installation.

Then plants were obtained with donations from Cheerio Gardens, Wegraakbosch and Applegrange. Efforts culminated in a ceremony where water was led through a hose pipe for the first time to the newly planted flowerbed.

The children, with the help of adults, planted the small and large azalea bushes, fuchsias, bromeliads and dietes. The aim is not just to beautify the gardens but to teach the children the value of water, how to plant and then how to maintain by watering the plants regularly from the new water tank. This project will be ongoing as the intention is to create more flower beds for the school.

The children returned to class and staffers entertained guests with tea, coffee and snacks. During the informal chat mention was made that Miss Bets Cross, one of the teachers of yesteryear, was the tallest teacher ever seen. This prompted the Secretary, Sonia Liebenberg, to bring out old photos of the school. A black and white photo of the staff in 1958 certainly shows a very tall Miss Cross.

Principal Roseline Sebata thanked everyone for their support. Roseline has been principal of Haenertsburg Primary School since 2013 and gave her full support to this gardening project.



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