More water interruptions for Ba-Phalaborwa

12 September 2018  Read: 174


Residents of Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality should gear themselves for water interruptions this weekend as the Lepelle Northern Water (LNW) a water services agency in Mopani will be doing technical repairs at the main water pump station. This comes at the time residents of Namakgale were complaining that water supply in the township was interrupted with some areas going without water for weeks.

Though some residents were thankful to authorities that the matter had been attended to and water finally restored two weeks ago, others lamented the lack of water for some weeks with the councillors not calling meetings to attend to the matter. Given Sekedi from Namakgale, said he just wanted to know why some parts of the community had been going without water and why none of this was communicated through to the residents.

Mopani District Municipality (MDM), spokesperson Witness Tiva, said the reason there was no water at Namakgale was due to the to the interruptions that happened. He said that that on Friday the reservoirs were still being filled and thereafter there would be water in the township. Tiva added that in order to repair the main water pump machine, water supply in the area would be interrupted on Wednesday, the 5th of September.

Tiva released a statement to this effect last week which had certain residents hot under the collar. A source in the BPM told Bulletin that the reason for the water shortage was due to an outstanding amount owed to Lepelle by the Mopani District. We have also been told that Phalaborwa currently owes Mopani roughly R180 million. For what they owe this amount is unclear. The DA is investigating the matter.

“Residents of the Ba-Phalaborwa municipality will experience water supply interruptions as the Lepelle Northern Water will be doing technical repairs at the main water station. There will be low water pressure from 18:00 (yesterday, 5th of September) to 06:00 am the following day (today, 6th of September). Though the impact may be minimal, residents are advised to use water sparingly,” said Tiva.

He went on to say that some reservoirs will not be receiving water from the main water pump station during the days in question. “The high lying areas of Phalaborwa, Namakgale, Lulekane, Makhushwane, Selwane, and Mashishimale would be affected. The repairs are done in order to avert future water cuts in the area. The community is assured that they will never experience total shut down of water hence there are technical repairs in place.”



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