Royals still back old man Magwaza

20 June 2018  Read: 106


The chief of the Nkuna Traditional Authority, Hosi Muhlava II Samuel Shiluvana, has assured the community of Khujwana that head of the Magwaza Traditional Committee, Ben Magwaza Khumalo, is still their leader and will remain so as long as the royal palace so wishes.

The chief was represented by the Chieftainess N`waGija Mhanaribye Shiluvana, at the Magwaza traditional club house on Saturday.

The event was attended by members of the traditional court, committee members, local teachers and principals of schools, pensioners and the community at large. The moment was seized to allay fears that Headman Ben Magwaza was to be removed as the headman of the Magwaza-Khumalo clan.

This follows meetings which were called in the village propagating that the chief remove Khumalo, and a new one be installed.

The chieftainess who was accompanied by members of the royal family female brigade, said “As the royal family we are proud of the service the old man is doing to the community. It is encouraging to see that pensioners are still being taken care of by the traditional authority through our local headmen. When we came here a few years ago, tents were bought by the headman to serve the community and today we are here to celebrate with our pensioners.”

“We, as the royal family appreciate the good deeds done by the Magwaza community and we therefore urge other traditional leaders to emulate them and work hard for the development of the community and the needy such as pensioners and children. It is important and rare that we still have pensioners who consider the needs of others in their communities.”

Shiluvan told the packed Magwaza traditional court that the royal family still believe in the capacity of the headman Magwaza to execute his job with expertise. The pensioners and children were provided with traditional regalia with the photos of the chief. They were entertained with traditional music and dances as performed by the pensioners and a group of Tsonga clad traditional regalia.

Still in the area the office of the Limpopo Land claims commissioner will be addressing the community of the Muhlava clan about the developments of their land claims which were lodged last year. The event will take place on Thursday (today) at the Nkowankowa community hall starting at 09h00.

- Jan Mafetsa




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