Concerned as ANC request water for votes

20 June 2018  Read: 69


Residents of Tickeyline at Bokgaga (Ward 30) chastised ANC branch leaders for putting the interests of the party ahead of the needs of their community. This came after the ANC Branch General Meeting (BGM) held at Montsheni Primary School, resolved that the provision of water should be sped up as that will enable the party to conduct door to door election campaigns with ease.

The minutes of the meeting which was leaked, read “the BEC engaged with Mopani District Municipality (MDM) to address the issues of water within our ward and this engagement emanated as a result of our engagement with the GTM PMT. We hope the incoming leadership will pursue this matter together with the ward councillor as water remains a crisis and it might pose negative impact on our election campaigns.”

Except for the ANC, most political parties have already launched their electioneering campaigns as part of preparations for the provincial and national elections expected to take place in April next year.
Rosina Sathekge, community leader in ward 24 said it was insensitive for the branch of the ANC to prioritise the provision of water only because the elections are just around the corner. “The budgets that are adopted by the councils are called ‘election budgets’ aimed at winning voters at the last minute because it was once again that time of the year where the votes of the people mattered.”

“We who are not voting for the ruling party, we know that when it is election time tricks are plentiful to win the votes of the masses. Thereafter, the triumphalist start fighting among themselves as to who gets which tender labelled as work among comrades. It is not surprising that water will then be delivered to the people in trucks,” added Sathekge.

The meeting in its organisational report, has noted with concern “Factionalism, inconsistence of signatures of some members before the meeting could take place after which a quorum of 50%+1 was reached, parallel election programmes by alliance partners, lack of the ANCYL and ANCWL structures in the ward, misunderstandings on the cut off dates for the audits of membership and the disruptions of BGMs.”

The BGM was held solely to elect delegates to the provincial conference to be held next Friday. During the meeting it was recommended that the branch have a bank account, work hard to bring unity, discipline those transgressing the rules, hold bilateral meetings with the alliance partners if they exist, and educate members on the audits of membership.

The branch, comprised of 225 members, has 168 members in good standing and it quorated with 84 members to decide for the more than 2 000 voters in the area of Tickeyline. The meeting also reported that proportional councillor (PR), Irene Rapatsa, who was an additional member has been shown the BEC door after she failed to attend three BEC meetings consecutively as per the constitution.

-Jan Mafetsa



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