Sorry GTM, not good enough!

20 March 2018  Read: 366


The disgusting state of Tzaneen’s roads continue to show the complete disdain with which the Greater Tzaneen Municipality treats the concerns of their citizens. It has been three weeks since Bulletin posted a video online showing the completely disintegrated roadway at the Claude Wheatley intersection.

Potholes the size of truck tyres. We were accosted by a municipal employee for pointing out the lack of anything remotely resembling even a smidgen of work ethic, pride or responsibility on the part of the apathetic municipal management.

This week we returned to the site and found what was expected. A very shoddy patchwork of instant-mix haphazardly poured into the craters at the intersection to at least create the appearance of a reparation job. Most of the filling has already been dislodged by the heavy traffic in this area.

To the municipality we as members of the Tzaneen community lodge an urgent request to have the Claude Wheatley intersection completely re-tarred, not with instant cold mix, but by a contractor with the proper knowledge and equipment for the job. We pay you rates and taxes and that money should be used to provide us with the standard of living we pay for.




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