Green ID Books still valid (Press Release)

21 February 2018  Read: 519


Executive Mayor of Mopani District Municipality Cllr Nkakareng Rakgoale wishes to dispel as untrue the hoax messages doing rounds which seem to be gaining traction in Mopani that green bar coded ID’s will expire in March and therefore social grants recipients will lose their grants if they don’t have a Smart ID card.  Rakgoale said this during a surprised visit she paid to Tzaneen Home Affairs Branch. 

“We know that reliable information from the Department of Home Affairs says that green bar coded ID’s will only be phased out in 2021 which is 7 years after their inception.  We call on community leaders such as traditional leaders, councilors, ward committees etc to assist us in spreading this information and save our people unnecessary trips to Home affairs spending time and money that they don’t have,’” said Rakgoale.

Executive Mayor Rakgoale was accompanied by senior officials from national and district offices of Home Affairs.   The visit comes at a backdrop of reports indicating that among other things, people whom majority are elderly have to queue a night before in order to get services at the branch.  Upon arrival, the Executive Mayor was greeted by a long queue which was taken from outside to the basement parking of the Tzaneen Mall because of rains. 

After interacting with both the people on the queues and the staff at the branch, the Executive Mayor found among others that;

  1. The queues have got nothing to do with the capacity of the branch as wildly reported
  2. The challenge is caused by an influx of mainly elderly people who are acting on a hoax message that their green bar coded ID’s will be phased out as from the 1st of March 2018 and thus they will not be able to receive their grants.
  3. Majority (almost 80%) of the people on the queue are from Sekororo.  This is because the Home Affairs Branch at the Maruleng Thusong Center has not been capacitated with necessary equipment to produce smart ID cards.
  4. There are allegations that SASSA offices in Mopani and also commercial banks in Mopani are not assisting community members who are still in possession of the green bar coded ID’s

Emanating from these findings, the Executive Mayor working together with Home Affairs will;

  1. Ensure a period of a month, the Maruleng Thusong Center Branch of Home Affairs gets the necessary equipment to produce smart ID cards.  This will drastically reduce the number of people coming to the Tzaneen branch and thereby stretching its capacity
  2. Engage both SASSA and commercial banks on the allegation of rejection of green bar coded ID’s and find a common ground.



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