Horns herald in a new year

18 December 2017  Read: 172


The hills came alive with the sound of the shofar on Sunday morning as the 911 Bikers completed their Victory run through the Magoebaskloof. Their message was simple, “let love and peace reign.”

A group of 20 bikers, some from as far as Nelspruit, met up at the Magoebaskloof dam at 11:00 that morning to join hands in prayer for the Mopani region. This was the midway stop of their journey which began earlier that morning in Haenertsburg with a prayer and a blessing.  A brief prayer ceremony was conducted under the leadership of Pastor TJ Mare from Nelspruit, and the Reverend Ron Reiners, of the Tzaneen Anglican church.

There was a minute of silence for the victims of senseless and violent crimes before a blessing was pronounced over the waters which flow from the dam into the region below it. “May this water carry life and positivity into the homes of every resident in the region, and may it heal the broken and soften the hardened to allow love to enter this entire province.”

After completion of the short ceremony, four ram and kudu horns were blown to symbolize the movement of the Holy Spirit into the area. The practice is an ancient one which dates back to the fall of the wall at Jericho in which the ram’s horn (shofar) played a pivotal role.

The group then departed on their way to Tzaneen Country Lodge for their final stop and a brief lunch.
“This may seem like a very silly thing to do, to some,” explained Mare, “but it carries significance not only for the believers, but for everyone. The water flowing out of this dam reaching many thousands of people in the area. What a way for God to bless and heal!”

Photographs by Joe Dreyer.



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