What a waste of water

14 December 2017  Read: 95


Water is regarded as a precious resource in many parts of South Africa. However, it would appear that Haenertsburg does not care about its water and the nonchalance, in particular, seems to be coming from the SAPS.

A big water pipe at the police station burst at least six months ago and the water runs down the slope towards the R71 and gushes constantly into a storm water drain. Sabrina, the nearby vegetable seller, confirms that this has been a problem for months.

A local as well as Willie Fratter, head of Lepelle Water, have been to the police station as well as the GTM to complain and to try and get this burst pipe fixed. It is such a waste watching clean, clear water from the reservoir running straight into the storm water drainage system.

The local spoke to the SAPS representative in Haenertsburg in charge of public works, but this has not yielded any positive results. Thus thousands of litres of precious water a day are being wasted because no one’s doing their jobs. In desperation the local has turned to the press to try and get this pipe replaced and fixed.



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