Exclusive: ‘It wasn’t me’

12 September 2017  Read: 95


The driver of the red Mercedes C63 denied that he caused the three-car pileup two weeks ago on the R71. He also said that he was not speeding through the streets of the Tzaneen CBD, despite numerous video clips to the contrary.

David Mhangwana (38) claimed in a telephonic interview with Bulletin, that he was not involved in the accident, but that one of the drivers of the other cars was not paying attention to the road. “I was stopped at the stop street and the driver of the white car was looking how beautiful is my car, and not watching the road.”

Mhangwana said he was coming from Sapekoe, not Modjadjiskloof, and that he feels the story is very one-sided and not true. “You are a witch, because you can’t write about something that you know nothing about, you are talking nonsense…you are a racist. If you get the driver of the white car he will tell you the truth, because he is not a witch. I stopped there by the accident and I spoke to that man who said the car behind him drove into him.”

Concerning the incidents that followed the accident, Mhangwana claims that he was not speeding at all, but rather trying to get away from people were allegedly wanting to fight with him. “That video was taken where I was putting tyres on my car. They found me there and they were trying to fight me. If someone is trying to fight me, what must I do? Must I fight back or leave the place and go away from that devil?”

We asked him who was allegedly trying to fight him. “Listen, when you are talking s**t I have to fight you. You are not my father, you are not a god, you are nothing! You are just from the newspaper, you understand? You are trying to fight against someone’s life and destroy someone because he is a black man. You are a f***ing racist and if you think it is that time of apartheid you are in the wrong place. Stop talking to me because you are disturbing my life…go and talk to your other brothers, the white ones, you racist. You are not a good person and you do not have a god inside.”

Following another spate of racial slurs, Mhangwana dropped the call. We called him back. This time he was calmer and willing to talk. He explained that he has created enemies in Tzaneen and surroundings because of his work in the fight against racism and tribalism in the area. According to him the article in the newspaper was part of the campaign against him because of the so-called enemies he made. He also denied speeding through town.

“So, are your eyes a camera and you can tell what speed I was driving? That’s why I say that when you play your game, you must play a safe game because one day you will find yourself in danger. When my lawyer comes and asks you what speed I was driving, you will not be able to tell him and that will cause you a trouble.”

Our conversation ended with Mhangwana expressing his wish to go back to Johannesburg because there is allegedly no life in Tzaneen for him.

In the meantime, a case has been opened against Mhangwana for reckless and negligent driving of a vehicle on a public road. It is still being investigated and therefore Mhangwana has not yet been arrested. A recording of the telephone conversation is available on our website at www.bulletin.us.com.

Visit our galleries on youtube to watch the videos of his rampage through town.



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