We have 100 million in our account

11 September 2017  Read: 580


This was the statement made by the spokesperson of the GTM, Neville Ndlala, during a telephonic conversation with this reporter earlier this week. According to him, the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM) has its financials in order and rumours around their imminent fiscal crisis should be ignored.

“You keep saying that the municipality does not have our finances in order, when in fact that is not the case. We have more than a 100 million in our accounts and you are more than welcome to come to the office and have a look, we will show you the account,” said Ndlala. “If you see for yourself that we actually have money in our accounts, will that finally satisfy you?”

This arose from the close on ten legal actions taken against the GTM during 2017 alone, coupled with the three seizures of municipal assets by the Letaba Sheriff so far. Each time, following an execution of an ‘attach and remove’ instruction, the GTM pays the Sheriff fees and the warrant amount almost immediately and their goods are returned or collected.

We have also received information that the GTM has fallen behind on their insurance payments which resulted in a claim not being paid out. Information was also leaked that there is no money in one of the municipal accounts.

“We manage to pay our debts every time a matter is brought to our attention. Does this not show that we have our finances in order?” asked Ndlala. “Someone is feeding you wrong information.”

Bulletin has accepted Ndlala’s invite to have the municipal account examined. In a second phone call on Wednesday morning, Ndlala extended the invite once again, but said that he would have to check with the Chief Financial Officer to confirm.



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