Update: Singh to remain on as lifeguard

13 September 2017  Read: 61


The spokesperson for the Greater Tzaneen Municipality (GTM), Neville Ndlala, said that the municipality will keep Vikramjith “Vicky” Singh (60) on as lifeguard at their municipal swimming bath. Ndlala further stated that there is no such position at the municipal swimming complex as ‘Head Lifeguard’ or ‘complex manager’. Singh is employed as a regular lifeguard. Ndlala also said that only two applicants met the criteria for the advertised position.

“The pool falls under community services and it is handled by the Parks division. Mr Singh is a lifeguard not a pool manager or cashier.” Ndlala said.

Bulletin again asked him why it is that a man who was fired from a swimming bath complex at another municipality, was employed by the GTM into a similar position. We also requested that we be provided with Singh’s job description and remuneration and whether the pubic will be able to pay entrance fees to the facility at the turnstiles.

“We have dealt with this issue before. I have provided you responses in writing with regard to his appointment. I have also explained to you why money has to be paid at the civic centre. Mr Singh has been rendering his services to the municipality and we have not received any complaints, his job does not entail handling any money as moneys are paid to cashiers or paid into municipal bank account.”

In March this year, we reported that no cashiers were appointed to man the entrance of the swimming facility. The reasons provided by the GTM was that it would not be financially viable. “We have not appointed a cashier for the pool, it will cost us not less than three hundred thousand per person a year,” Ndlala said. “And we might need more than one cashier, it does not make business sense, we are looking for affordable ways to make tickets more accessible like using Computicket or Pick n Pay.”

In that report Ndlala claimed that the GTM has already advertised the cashier position. “I will send you a recent advert for a cashier and you can do the calculations, unfortunately I cannot discuss salaries of specific individuals.” To date, we have not yet received said advert.

In the meantime, the public is welcome to make use of the beautifully restored swimming bath facility in Crown Street (a project which cost R17 000 000). The bath officially opened on the 1st of September and already some swimmers have been enjoying the warmer climate there.



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