Superfoods leading disease prevention

13 September 2017  Read: 58


Veggie extracting, juicing, super foods, clean eating and functional medicine are only a few of the phrases that have been buzzing around in the last few years around the health industry.  We all know that vegetables are healthy and play an important role in a balanced diet but it appears that there is more to this food revolution than “6-8 portions day”.

Vito Rugani, explains that “the juicing revolution comes down to four crucial variables.”
Harvested and immediately process daily
No additives such as sugar, water, colourants or preservatives
High carotenoid concentration
LIFE FORCE, bioavailability and nutraceuticals

‘Harvested Daily’
Veggie extraction needs to occur from freshly harvested produce.  “This is unheard of in conventional juicing, where seasonal fruit is converted into a concentrate and can sit for years before being processed.”  Rugani Juices says “We can introduce you to the farmer, give exact dates of harvest and even specify the piece of land that nourishes a particular batch of extracted veggies.”  When you buy your veggie juice ensure that it is from a reputable source to get all the benefits you can from it.

No Additives
Innovation and technology have allowed for processing the purest health juice possible.  No sugar, no water and no preservatives need to be added.  A touch of vitamin C assures safe consumption but no further compromises are to be made to achieve “an almost pure juice”.  When juicing at home remember to limit the amount of sweet fruits in the mixture to just the bare minimum – only use it as a sweetener. If you like fruit, it would be best to eat them whole with the fiber to slow down the release of fructose to the bloodstream.

In the 1990’s, pharmaceutical companies funded researched into carotenoid beta-carotene believing it to be the penicillin of the 21st century.  Dietary carotenoids are thought to provide health benefits in decreasing the risk of disease.  The beneficial effects of carotenoids are thought to be due to their role as antioxidants. It was also found that beta-carotene cannot be created artificially and converts into a different form, cis-beta-carotene, which is absorbed most efficiently by the body.  It was accidentally discovered that beta carotene in carrot juice converts into cis-beta-carotene after undergoing pasteurization, “enabling the body to capitalize on all its remarkable health benefits”.  Juicing at home may be the purest form of juicing, however sometimes a vegetable needs to go through a process to be all that it is worth.

Captured Life Force, Bioavailability and Nutraceuticals
“A storage root is a plant’s pantry of life.”  Rugani adds.  “Tubers, bulbs and other modified storage roots have always been renowned for their healing properties once extracted.”  Carrot, ginger, turmeric, radishes, celeriac and beetroot are no exception.  Freshly harvested and immediately extracted, the powerful medicinal properties are successfully captured in a highly bio-available and stable form and will remain so if sealed away in aseptic packaging immediately.  “Simply put, this is capturing Life Force.”  Capturing Life Force opens up the nutraceutical vacuum – optimising human absorption of key nutrients to boost health and healing.



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