Waste not Water

07 September 2017  Read: 40


Be it on a domestic, agricultural or industrial level, today water storage is becoming more pertinent than ever.  

N&S Industrial, operating out of the Tzaneen area, is here to provide a high quality solution to water storage challenges.  N&S Industrial is the accredited Limpopo agent and installer of Rainbow Reservoirs.   Rainbow Reservoirs manufactures the highest quality Zincalume® steel sectional water storage tanks throughout Africa.  N&S supply and install your Rainbow Tank on-site as a no-maintenance, durable system that is rugged, dependable and visually attractive, at the same time capable of withstanding the harshest environments.

Our agricultural tanks can be used to collect and store rainwater that fall onto buildings that otherwise would have gone down the drains, or would have been soaked into the ground or lost through the process of evaporation.  Using it for agricultural purposes can go a long way in cutting water bills.  

N&S Industrial offer a few reasons why Rainbow Reservoirs are the way forward:
• 5,000 litres to over 2 million litres
• Walls and roof of anti-corrosive Zincalume® coated steel
• Heavy duty, potable/food grade liners of the highest quality
• Steel dome roof with optional gutter system for rainwater harvesting
• Durable, no-maintenance components throughout
• Various colour options to suite your preference
• Quick, economical on-site assembly
• Tanks under 350,000 litres require no concrete foundation
• Permanent or temporary installation – option to relocate
• Modular. Flat-packed for easy transport and export
• 30-year life expectancy, 12 year warranty!

“Water is crucial for life on earth! Access to water is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. With exploding population growth and rapidly growing economies in Africa, it is crucial that we as a continent develop a strong ethic towards water conservation. It is ironic that we consider it important to conserve all manner of things such as wildlife, natural places and even buildings, yet conserving water is at the bottom of our conservation-priorities list… this in spite of the fact that we are on the brink of a global water crisis”.  Wayne Thompson; MD, Rainbow Reservoirs.

Rainbow Reservoirs are the leaders in water storage solutions and N&S Industrial is here to bring it to your doorstep.



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