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06 September 2017  Read: 63


Shade net farming is a relatively new standard of farming, practiced internationally, during the last decade, in countries such as India and Kenya.  South African farmers are taking note of the findings, such as improved productivity and fruit quality, and following suit.  

Diggersrest Timber Co., situated in the picturesque Georges Valley near Tzaneen, is known for their innovative thinking and revolutionary products such as Biligom® and Bilitruss, are not being left behind.  Biligom® is tanalith-E treated Eucalyptus structural timber developed for the pre-fabricated roof truss industry.  Bilitruss, a pre-fabricated roof truss plant that was also founded by the Diggersrest group to further help develop and create Biligom® industry standards.   The latest introduction to the group is an exceptional ‘value-added service’ to their wide variety of CCA and Creosote treated poles.  Agricultural farmers, who are now erecting shade net structures over their crops, will be getting more than “just poles” when purchasing from Diggersrest Timber Co.  

Installing a shade net over your crops is far more intricate than, a simple, D.I.Y. procedure.   It is a costly investment that should last years, if not a lifetime.  The shade nets have been developed to filter the spectrum of sunlight and induce scattering.  They are designed to modify the radiation and depending on the colour and pigmentation of the thread and the specific knitting design, these nets are aimed at optimizing desirable physiological responses with the addition of physical protection.

Knowledge of all the components of both the structure and the crops are imperative.  Diggersrest Timber Co.’s service goes beyond their yard and the products manufactured.  Factors that have a direct impact on each pole needs to be considered, such as irrigation, chemical-use and fertilizer.

Diggersrest’s specialist, Wally Denton not only has  a nice smile, but is educated in SANS 457 and SANS 1288 (South African National Standards) and has been in the forestry industry long enough to offer invaluable advice.  With personal consultation, assessing each client’s individual needs, Diggersrest offers significant time and cost saving options such as specifically manufacturing poles according to the design and pre-drilling holes for the cabling of the shade net structure.  

Manufacturing poles specifically to the clients needs is the first step towards saving both time and money.  The pre-drilling of the holes adds another huge saving of not only costs and labour, but ensures that the holes are treated too, another fantastic benefit of these value-added services.  The pre-drilling is done prior to treatment in the yard thus the farmer has no need to treat these holes himself.   

Manager Mark Schimdt says, “We can even offer advice on how to plant a pole correctly“  Success lies in the finer details and this is what holds Diggersrest Timber Co. true to their promise “A Cut Above The Rest”.

With 44 years’ experience in the industry, the company offers substantial advice on their products.  Currently producing top quality Certified structural timber for the construction and building industry as well as A-Grade and B-Grade timber for the pallet market.  Diggersrest Timber Co. has its own Creosote and CCA treatment facilities which are SATAS accredited and regularly audited. The demanding SATAS inspection method warrants a world class product. Through the years of experience, Diggersrest Timber Co. has built up a variety of products, specialising in:

•    Droppers and Laths
•    Building and Fencing Poles
•    CCA & Creosote Treated Poles
•    Untreated Poles
•    All poles Bundled for ease of loading
•    Tomato Poles
•    A & B Grade Pallet Material
•    Biligom® Structural Timber
•    Wood Chips
•    Silviculture
•    Harvesting

Diggersrest Timber Co. supplies throughout South Africa and across border into Namibia and Botswana for a number of different applications including fencing, agricultural netting, thatching and D.I.Y. projects.  That promise “A Cut Above The Rest” speaks for more than their service delivery but for the pricing, packaging and quality too.  For your next project, be it big or small, do not hesitate to contact Diggersrest Timber Co., they will offer you more than just poles.



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