Web exclusive - Another Talana under the bridge?

14 July 2017  Read: 682


The Nelson Mandela bridge which crosses the Great Letaba river, is home to vagrants. Bulletin has reported on this a few years ago, and as usual, nothing is done to cleanup the area. The vagrants who have erected little shacks on the banks of the river, live off fish they catch in the area and hand-me-downs from motorists.

The place stinks of human fesis and discarded meat. One of the butcheries in town has said that the vagrants pick out the ofal from their garbage bins in the late afternoons. They wash the dicarded meat under a garden tap and cook it over an open fire once they've returned to their shack.

When a Bulletin staff member went to visit the site over the weekend, he photographed one of the vagrants from a vantage point atop the bridge railing. "I tried talking to the man, but he said that he couldn't come up to the road to speak to me, because his feet were sore from walking," the staffer said.

He seemed completely unperturbed by the presence of the people on the bridge. Almost upset that they invaded his privacy. When asked how long he has been living there, he stood up and walked off into the surrounding shrubbery.

Another man appeared and pointed out a section along the riverbank which he was busy clearing for the purpose of building a house. An actual brick and mortar house by the sounds of it. "I am going to build myself a nice house here, a big one for my family," he said.

We will investigate the matter further with the local police, the GTM and security groups in the area to try and find a way to put a stop to this and prevent another Talana township from propping up in the centre of town.



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