DA cleans up Lenyenye school’s act

13 July 2017  Read: 72


As part of the Youth Day celebrations, the Democratic Alliance of Greater Tzaneen Municipality and in particular Ward 31, Lenyenye, undertook a school clean-up campaign in the area.

Two Primary schools in Lenyenye were targeted namely Kgahara Primary and Punch Maponya Primary schools. Both of these schools are used as community centres for the elderly where physical exercise and knitting classes are attended after hours. Boys utilise the grounds for sports activities.

Due to a lack of resources and funding from the Department of Education these schools were being neglected and the local branch of the DA decided to give a helping hand to overwhelmed teachers and parents alike. Grass has being growing unchecked and the school fence was so overgrown that no one could see through the fence from either side. Bottles and rubbish were dumped in the tall grass making it a health hazard for children playing there.

Members from the community, local business, DA members and DA councillors from Tzaneen helped with the clean-up and as a result the pupils of these two schools will now, for the next few months at least, have better and safer conditions to learn in and grow. Police are also now in a better position to patrol the area and apprehend criminal elements that used the area as a hideout.

The DA feels that this situation is unacceptable and will write to the Department of Education to request that funds be made available towards schools for maintenance. The current government is failing the youth in this regard as they are deprived of proper school facilities in order to obtain proper skills. This will result in them being added to the huge number of unemployed youths in Limpopo.



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