Another Cash-in-Transit Heist

15 June 2017  Read: 1604


Another in a spate of recent violent attacks on security companies’ cash cars has left one security guard hospitalized. The recent incident raises the question of why security companies have not yet found a better, safer way of transporting large amounts of cash.

The attack occurred yesterday afternoon in the Maake policing area when it is believed that a G4S cash in transit money truck was forced off the road by heavily armed suspects in two BMW motor vehicles. The truck was travelling from Ofcolaco along the Sekororo road.

The suspects opened fire on the armoured truck and attempted to use explosives to blow open the back of the vehicle.

During the attack, one security guard was shot and wounded. The suspects fled the scene when they failed to gain access to the money. Four side-arms were stolen off the security guards and the suspects fled without any cash.

It is strange that the armoured truck had no backup vehicle escourting it. Stranger still is that the police report that no money was stolen, but the guards were robbed of their side-arms. How did the robbers get to the guards inside the truck, if they never managed to gain access to the money? Or was the truck perhaps empty?

This is the third cash heist reported in the last week. Each time it is the same modus operandi. Each time the suspects remain unknown and the SAPS launch a manhunt.

Any person who may have information that could lead to the arrests of the suspects involved in this latest robbery, should contact Captain Boshomane on 079-894-5501 or Captain Mashamaite on 082-490-6966 or the nearest Police Station.




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