Letsitele’s Black Orange blossoms

05 June 2017  Read: 403


Orange is this season’s new black. So to speak. We’ve heard the phrase countless times and never once spared a moment to wonder why it has become one of the catchiest clichés of our time. The phrase rests on the assumption that everything in your wardrobe matches the colour black. In other words, black is pretty safe. And it’s formal, and basically fitting for any occasion.

Similarly too is this new fragrance, Black Orange, from the heart of the Letsitele Valley. Blended by local lass, Karin van Rooyen, the fragrance marries the rich aroma of jasmin with the enticing fragrance of the citrus blossoms our area is known for during the months of September and October.

People compare her fragrance to some international perfume blends because of its rich, lingering aroma - but with a more sophisticated edge – and orders have been streaming in from across the region.

“I’ve always been drawn to the uplifting fragrance of citrus infused oils,” explained Karin. “I have created my own unique signature blend using only the highest quality essential oils available. At the base of the fragrance lies the various citrus oils namely original orange, the luscious lemon and lime, and grateful grapefruit.”

Like its name suggests, the perfume can be matched to literally any occasion and imbues the wearer with a sense of freshness no matter the season, or time of day.

“The scent will last throughout the day and is one of the reasons for its popularity among the ladies in this area. One of my regular clients had the best explanation for Black Orange. She said that it made her feel warm even during the cold winter months because she kept smelling the orange blossoms.”

The Black Orange range includes other products such as bath oils, body butter, body scrubs, hand creams and even room sprays. All of these are beautifully packaged and available in some perfume stores around the province. For online orders and a look at the products, visit their website at www.blackorangespa.com or send Karin an email at info@blackorangespa.com.

“We have started looking at a fragrance for men this year after receiving numerous enquiries from all the men in the area and that should hopefully launch soon. In the meantime we invite Tzaneen’s ladies to come and sample our range and experience the changing of the season first hand.”

Black Orange – wear the change.



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