Free knowledge for all

19 May 2017  Read: 605


Books, books and more books! The Haenertsburg Rotarians just received a massive shipping container filled to the brim with educational school books ranging from Biology to the fundamentals of basic Math Literature. These books arrived from Canada and are now right for the picking to any and all. Twenty five tonnes of knowledge is waiting to be collected from the vacant premises of the Waterberg Outdoor centre in the old industrial area just off Plantasie Road. “We have made these books freely available to anybody who needs them and we ask that schools or other institutions come by and load as many as they want!” So says Mr Bernard van den Dool, Assistant to District Governor of the Haenertsburg Rotary Club. “We have to find homes for these books before the end of May as this vacant shop we have been allowed to use, will soon be occupied.”



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