Potholes remain a problem

12 April 2017  Read: 255


Although some potholes were fixed during the course of the last three weeks – albeit only after extensive publication on the matter – there are still some areas of concern that have not been addressed.

These roads include the nearly completely eroded section of Boundary Street which runs along Tzaneen Primary school all the way down to the intersection with Agatha Street. Some of the holes were plugged with an instant tar mix which has somewhat alleviated the problem. But the portion of the road that runs past the offices of the Letaba Herald and Tzaneen Pharmacy is deteriorating rapidly. Larges sections of the road surface have been washed away and have made the areas around the speedbump near Northern Personnel, very dangerous.

The massive crater at the entrance to the Van Velden Hospital was filled with sand and gravel two weeks ago, and has now once again opened up after the recent rains. Motorists are damaging their vehicles and pedestrians often have to leap out of the way of oncoming cars as they swerve to avoid the area.

The two life-threatening sinkholes along Agatha Street coming from Coach House down through the new industrial area towards Tzaneen town, have still received no attention. Not a word has been said about the dangers highlighted in an enquiry to the GTM and no effort has been done to make the areas more visible to motorists at night. “The very least they could have done in the meantime is to cordon the areas off with reflective tape or chevrons, or something. When you travel at night you cannot see these holes which are busy swallowing up the road. If you are not a local here, this could be very dangerous,” said an Agatha resident who commutes the route daily.

A year ago, no attention was paid to warnings by the media of impending disaster in Georges Valley. The end result was a project that ran into the millions to repair the section of road which had collapsed after a sinkhole formed because of aged corrugated culverts installed decades ago. Will the GTM wait for the same to happen to the Agatha Road before they take any action?

Motorists are cautioned to drive with care when traveling along this route and to avoid driving too close to the boundary line until the situation is remedied.



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