Mathebula new acting MM

12 April 2017  Read: 533


No reason was given for the resignation of current Tzaneen Municipal Manager, Republic Monakedi, other than him taking up his post as MM at the Mopani District Municipality. The man who will be acting on his behalf over the next three months is Benjamin Mathebula, who was appointed on Friday.

Mathebula is no stranger to the local political arena as he has been serving at the GTM as the Director of Planning and Economic Development since 2015. Before that, he served a five-year stint as the Director for Economic Development, Human Settlements and Spatial Planning at the Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality.

The role of the Municipal Manager is an important one and is defined as being the link between the council and the administration, of which he is the head. Mathebula will have to account for the municipality’s income and expenditure, assets and other obligations such as proper adherence to all legislation applicable to municipalities.

Subject to the municipal council’s policy directions, the Municipal Manager has to ensure that an economically viable, effective, efficient and accountable administration is established and developed.

Will Mathebula bring about a paradigm shift in the way that the community of Tzaneen sees their local government? Will he improve the communications between the GTM and the public when he takes over the reigns come April 13th? Who will be appointed as the MM at the end of July and what can the community expect from their new acting MM in the meantime especially concerning service delivery?

Bulletin received no notice of the appointments, no comments, and no further information on the new appointees from the GTM’s communications department who still refuse to respond to our media enquiries.



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