Nothing to Singh about

11 April 2017  Read: 66


The GTM has chosen not to comment on the appointment of Vikramjith “Vicky” Singh (60) as the new Tzaneen Municipal Swimming pool chief. Their silence follows our front page article on the new appointee in last week’s Bulletin.

According to our investigations, Singh, was employed as the swimming pool boss at the Joan Harrison swimming complex in the Buffalo City Municipality (BCM) in East London. He was first suspended on allegations of systematic fraud and then later fired on charges of gross misconduct after the Hawks raided his offices in 2014.

The details of the “misconduct” were not made clear although it was alleged by the Daily Dispatch newspaper that gate takings and other revenue was not properly accounted for and sums of unrecorded cash were discovered in envelopes in Singh’s office, during the raid. It is believed that Singh reported daily takings at the entrance to the pool amounting to only R100, when in fact the number was significantly higher.

During investigations it was discovered that he owned two beachfront apartments in Elizabeth Court which he bought for R750 000 each in 2011. The BCM also brought forward reports that Singh had instructed a junior official to perform private work at his private property using council tools, vehicle and while on council time.

A former colleague of Singh’s laughed during a conversation with Bulletin. “Is that where he popped up again? Well, it amazes me really, good luck.”

We sent an enquiry to the GTM spokesperson, Neville Ndlala, requesting explanations as to why Singh was employed, given the information we unearthed. We received no response. The national media has caught wind of this story and the Sunday publication, Rapport, has also sent enquiries to Ndlala on this matter. At the time of going to print they too had received no response from him.



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