Maluma soon available all year round

05 April 2017  Read: 735


Dr André Ernst discussed Allesbeste’s businesses strategy to ensure year-round availability of Maluma avocados at the annual Maluma Farmer’s Day, organised by Allesbeste outside Tzaneen, earlier this month.

Allesbeste developed and registered Maluma as a new avocado cultivar in 2004 and owns the plant breeders rights for Maluma in South Africa and various other countries across the world.

Maluma is harvested in South Africa from between mid-March to mid-October.   In order for the cultivar to grow its market share globally, it has to be readily available throughout the year according to Ernst. To ensure the year-round  availability of Maluma avocados,  Allesbeste has been sub-licensing nurseries across the globe in both Southern and Northern Hemispheres.  With Israel and Spain introducing commercial plantings of Maluma in 2016, consumers will soon be able to buy Maluma avocados right through the year.

Maluma is fully protected in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Marocco, the US and Mexico. According to Ernst, applications have been filed for protection of Maluma in Argentina, Chilli, Peru, Brazil, Columbia and most recently Spain and Israel.  Maluma trees are also exported to Mozambique, Tanzania and Taiwan under Allesbeste’s South African license. Allesbeste is also in talks with the Phillipense, according to Ernst.

The rate at which Maluma tree plantings are increasing in all these countries is proof of Maluma’s commercial success.

 “By the end of last year 150 000 Maluma trees have been sold globally,”said Ernst. “Based on Allesbeste’s future orders alone, 500 000 Maluma trees will have been planted by 2020.’”
– Alita van der Walt




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